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Install charging stations and unleash the full potential of your property

Install charging stations on your property to make it a hub for sustainable energy solutions while profiting from new revenue stream.

We find the ideal charging infrastructure solution for your location

Fast and simple

The mass of charging station operators can seem like a maze. That's why we take care of it: just tell us where you want to install charging stations, and we'll do the rest.

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Transparent and informative

We compare more than 23 offers from different operators and installers, so we always find the best deal for you. So we provide you with the answers and solutions you need to make informed decisions.


For free and without obligation

Our offers are without any obligation for you. You decide with whom, when and what kind of charging stations will be installed at your site. And the best thing about it: you don't need any capital, our partners cover all the costs.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

We empower property owners to increase their income and sustainability efforts while taking care of the burdensome work of.

Equip your property for the future
in just a few steps

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Hassle-free installation

The operator takes care of the installation and all related activities - without any expenses from you.


Compare offers

Choose the most suitable offer for you from different options.


Register your property

Your first step to increase the value of your property: register your property on our platform.


Discover potential

With the help of our tools and based on different data, we identify and calculate the unused EV potential of your property.

Heart & Hands

Industry-leading partners

We link you with reliable market-leading charging point operators. This way you get multiple and different offers without having to contact different providers yourself.

Why Bidi Charge?

We go the extra mile for you to make sure you get the best deal. With Bidi Charge, you get access to a selection of first-class charging point operators on the market. You don't have to settle for just one offer - instead, you can choose from a variety of options. This way, you have the control to choose the solution that best suits you and your goals. Your property, your choice, your future.

Your benefits with Bidi Charge

Independent evaluation for best offers - All on one platform.

No capital required - We cover all costs

No planning or bureaucracy - We manage the entire process.

Generate additional income through charging stations

Increase customer satisfaction and promote a sustainable future

Challenges without Bidi Charge

Compare offers yourself and get bad conditions

Own investment, own risk

Non-transparent process, high bureaucratic effort

Leaving the potential of the property unused and missing out on revenues

Missing out on sustainable future opportunities and customer growth

Johannes Müller, Aachen | 2023

“I wanted to upgrade my property by installing a charging point. By working with Bidi Charge, I was not only able to make this happen, but now I also get a monthly rent for my parking lot. And that's only because I allowed someone to install a charging point."

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Use the simplest solution to make your property profitable

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  • Any property is subject to get free charging stations?
    No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every property will be subject to get charging stations without a disbursement of capital. Conditions apply. Register your property to know if your property is suitable!
  • I have already talked to charge point operators, can I still use your platform?
    Yes, our platform is for everyone who wants to install charging stations. If you are already in contact with other charging station operators, let us know in our first personal meeting and we will take it into account. Since we ask for offers from different operators, it always helps us to have several offers that we can compare to choose the best one for you.
  • Do I have to pay anything when I register my property?
    No, there are no costs when you register your property. In general, there are no costs for you when you use our service. Our costs are paid by the charging station operators, so our service is free of charge for you. Registering your property is the first step in our process, but you do not incur any obligations. You can always decide against the installation.
  • Does my property have to have a minimum size?
    Yes, for the installation of one charging station, the property must have the minimum size of two parking spaces (about 20sqm).
  • Why should I install charging stations on my property?
    Installing charging infrastructure has many advantages: 1. Additional source of revenue: by providing charging infrastructure, you can generate new revenue through land rental or through shares in charging revenue. 2. Future-proof: Electromobility is growing at a rapid pace, and those who provide charging facilities are well equipped for the future. 3. Customer satisfaction: Charging stations attract electric drivers and offer your customers, tenants, residents an additional added value which leads to increased customer satisfaction! 4. Environmental awareness: The promotion of electric mobility helps to make a positive contribution to environmental protection, climate change and sustainable mobility. 5. Marketing advantage: The availability of charging stations positions your property/company/municipality as environmentally friendly, modern and sustainable, which has a positive impact on your image.
  • How do I generate revenue from charging stations on my property?
    By providing charging stations on your property, you can generate revenue in two different ways: 1. Rental income: You can rent or lease your property to the charging station operator, generating regular rental income. 2. Commissions: Alternatively, you can receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the charging stations on your property, based on the number of electric vehicles charged. The type of revenue depends on your property and the operator who finally runs the charging stations on your property, so it is not the same for everyone. By installing charging stations on your property, you can create an additional and sustainable source of revenue and actively contribute to the promotion of electromobility.
  • I am contacted by other charging station operators during the process, what should I do?
    Don't worry, if other charging station operators contact you and you are already in the process with us, it is best to refer them to us. Since we get different offers from different operators, it makes sense to run everything through us to get the best offer for your property.
  • Who is our platform for?
    Our platform is suitable for all property owners: Private individuals, companies and municipalities who want to install charging stations on their property. Both publicly accessible green spaces, as well as unpaved parking areas and paved parking lots offer great potential for charging infrastructure.
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